Entering the world of Blog, Vlog, and Flog?

Hello everyone and thankyou for reading.  Though I have documented my life in the past, this is my first official “blog.”  For the most part my entries will revolve around my life in the fitness industry and the physical activities I enjoy.  So here is a little about me.

My name is Scott Plested.  I am a 30 year old personal trainer and soft tissue therapist in Santa Monica California.  I was born in Santa Monica but split my time between the busy streets of Los Angeles and the mountains of Colorado.  I have always been a very active young man.  My mother had me taking swimming lessons before I could walk and soon after found myself playing every sport most American kids enjoy and then some.  By the age of 6 I was in gymnastics, playing baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, skiing, skateboarding and being an all around monkey.  In middle school I started ski racing competitively and spent some time in boarding school to hone my skills on the mountain.  I played football all 4 years of high school and found myself on the 1st team all conference list as a defensive player my senior year.  In college I slacked off a bit and let my athletic career slip away, wasting my NCAA eligibility and learning a hard lesson about the cost of fun.  Since then I have found incredible joy in my physical lifestyle and culture.  I picked up mixed martial arts, rock climbing, weightlifting, running, yoga and a few other things.  Nowadays I spend alot of time lifting weights.  I am a certified Kettlebell instructor and use them as my main source of training.  I also compete, and was lucky enough to be part of the Orange Kettlebell Club’s first annual California Open championship a few days ago.

This blog is going to be to a chronicle of my time spend sweating.   It will serve as a Vlog as well, I’ll be posting videos of my workouts and feats of strength.  So it will be my Fitness log.  I am excited about this, I love to write and am eager to read the entries from other people like myself.  Ever since I became a trainer my life has been enriched tremendously, I have incredible friends and am learning something new everyday.

So I hope you enjoy my journey.  Next entry I’ll go over a few of my goals for this year. 


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