Workout 2/12/13

Today was my first day back in the gym after my competition, started slow on the legs towards my strength and conditioning goals. I did the first half with a yng friend of mine who is training to play college football then my kettlebell training parter Sergei showed up and we did the second half of the workout together with bells.

I tested snatch after my workout and it wasn’t too bad. Obviously I would have done better if I’d done the snatch test at the beginning but this is how I’m going to do it for the next few months. There is going to be another competition in August, I’ll change my training style when I get closer to it.

Ok, here is today’s workout. It was a good one.


BB deadlift
60kgx10, 80kgx10, 100kgx10

BB back squat
60kgx10, 70kgx10x10
Low back tightened up

Fat bar Sumo deadlift
55kgx10, 70kgx10 (back still kinda tight), 80kgx10
Grip felt very strong! The bells really really improved my grip.

Kettlebell work
Snatch test with 16kg
48(R) 58(L) in 5:30 (back felt great, calmed down a bit)
My grip is slightly fried from the Deadlifts but I felt good. This is a good starting point. I feel like I can get to my goal of 100 per hand pretty quick.
Second round I got 55(R) 61(L) in 6:05

2 rounds 50 swings each hand with a 20kg bell to finish off

Ate a bunch of meat and it’s time to sleep!

I see I have a fan now, thankyou so much for reading and liking my posts lizerbell!

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