Valentines day?!

V day was single celebration day for me. I did go to the gym and tried to work out but it ended up being too late and I didn’t have time for the full workout that I had planned so I just did a warmup with the Indian clubs and bands, then did a few feats of strength to test myself in my goals.

The first thing I did was do a couple of overhead presses with the strongman log, I believe it was 60kg total.
Then I tried to test my jerks with the double 16s but was very tight through the spine and couldn’t hold the rack very well and burnt it quick. So… I did a couple of bottoms up presses with a 36kg bell, could do 2 with the right hand but none with the left. This is good because I have plenty of room for improvement.

Lastly I tested my pullups with extra weight. I managed to maintain some great strength here in these past few months despite completely neglecting my pulls while training for the kettlebell comp. I was able to do four decent pullups with a 48kg (106lbs) bell strapped to me. Yeah boy. Half way there!

I’ll post a couple videos later after I’m done training my clients, can’t post them on my iPad for some reason.

Pictures to come too! I found a great picture somebody took of me last weekend.

I’ll have a great update tomorrow, one of my best friends and favorite workout partners is coming up from Oceanside and we are going to work out together. He always comes up with great workouts and is a real animal, hard to keep up with him.

I hope everyone had a great valentines, I celebrated being single and the fact I didn’t have to spend money on flowers, cards, gifts or jewelry.

Have a great day!


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