Legs…grip…gonna be sore 2/18 workout


Legs and support grip today, I’ll explain the different types of grip training in another post, I’m a big ole grip geek. I love having strong hands, life is easier with strong hands.

Bb back squat 60kgx10 100kgx10 120kgx10
BB back loaded Bulgarians 60 scattered reps getting balance then 70kgx10/10 PR!

Fat bar sumo Deadlifts 60kgx10 80kgx10 90kgx9 (big PR!)

1 set fat bar overhead press with 60kgx11

3 sets of 120 foot farmers walks with 130 lbs in each hand

Finished up with a set of single hand swings with 32kg bell 20/20
My grip is fried and I can hardly sit down. I used a long stance with the bulgariansvand it placed a huge amount of stress on my hamstrings. I am gonna be feeling it for a few days to come. FEELS GOOD TO BE ALIVE TODAY!!

Couple of personal records helps too.

Yeah, good day to be alive.

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