Legs…grip…gonna be sore 2/18 workout


Legs and support grip today, I’ll explain the different types of grip training in another post, I’m a big ole grip geek. I love having strong hands, life is easier with strong hands.

Bb back squat 60kgx10 100kgx10 120kgx10
BB back loaded Bulgarians 60 scattered reps getting balance then 70kgx10/10 PR!

Fat bar sumo Deadlifts 60kgx10 80kgx10 90kgx9 (big PR!)

1 set fat bar overhead press with 60kgx11

3 sets of 120 foot farmers walks with 130 lbs in each hand

Finished up with a set of single hand swings with 32kg bell 20/20
My grip is fried and I can hardly sit down. I used a long stance with the bulgariansvand it placed a huge amount of stress on my hamstrings. I am gonna be feeling it for a few days to come. FEELS GOOD TO BE ALIVE TODAY!!

Couple of personal records helps too.

Yeah, good day to be alive.


2/16 Workout…. and some pain.

I got together with a couple of friends yesterday to do a kettlebell workout. Unfortunately my low back has been acting up again and though i took some extra time to roll out and stretch I had to stop during my workout. But this is what I managed to complete.

This is going along with my lighter weight higher rep plan. I wanted to do 5 rounds of 2 minutes sets of snatch per hand with a 16 kg kettlebell. I averaged around 42 reps per minute.

round 1 40R/41L

round 2 42R/42L

round 3 sat out, low back too tight so i rolled and stretched a bit

round 4 42R/42L

Round 5 sat out again, low back was angry…

I know that there are a couple of things that effect my low back pain. The biggest one has to be hip flexor tightness, when I have extended periods of time sitting my back acts up. I need to get up and move around a bit more, stretch my psoas a bunch. the other thing is my diet, if i slip, which i have been doing after my comp I am more susceptible to aches and pains. If i start to eat too many grains and sugars again my back hurts, TMJ pain returns, L shoulder hurts and I occasionally get migraines. I had a alot of fun this week binging on the foods that i like but my body is telling me I need to get healthy again. I’ll be getting back to my meat and veggie diet and shunning the evils of grains and sugars once again. Time to refocus and set my eyes on the horizon, remembering that in order to reach the goals I’ve set it takes long long periods of self control and discipline.

This years Goals

This can be considered a new years resolution but that was to train hard for my last competition.
So here are a few of the strength and conditioning goals that I have for the year

Short term

100 consecutive jerks with double 16kg kettlebells

100 consecutive snatches per hand with 16kg bell (per hand)

Start my grip training again

work on my corrective exercises

Get my core strong again

Long Term 6+ months

300lb bench press

600lb deadlift

500 back squat

Achieve the Rank Candidate for Master of Sport in Kettlebells with 24kg bells in biathlon.

Close the #3 CoC gripper from Ironmind.

Do a single pullup with my own bodyweight attached (if i weigh 200 lbs I’ll attach 200 extra lbs to me)

One armed pullup.

My training will focus on the heavy stuff and I will use the light weight kettlebells for cardio, conditioning and grip training at the end of my workouts.

Everyone should create goals like this, both short and long term.  Some of them should be lofty like my 600 lb deadlift.  I’ll get started today!