Missed a few days

Gotta catch up soon, guess my quick update is that I hit two huge PR’s today.

I squatted 315lbs 10 times with great form

and I deadlifted 225lbs 5 times with the fat bar, my grip is getting strong! 

I’ve got more videos to post, need to get a new card for my camera, or some new electronics to make this whole blogging and youtubing thing a bit easier. 


Derrick Johnson

This is my buddy Derrick, one of the best olympic lifters in the world. He is my coworker at AFP center and is training for the national championships and the next olympics. I am featured in this video, I will be doing all of his Neurosomatic therapy while he trains. ENJOY!

Leg day 2-18

This is a video from my workout on monday. I am STILL SORE.

It was a great workout, looking forward to friday!

wish I had workout partner again. i made it this far self motivating, I can get farther!

“Shut the F up…” A little story about me :D

I used to talk about how strong I would be.  I used to sit back in my drunken haze, smoking cigarettes and lazily dreaming about how “in-shape” i was going to be.  My friends all knew I had the potential and urged me to lift, run, climb, fight, whatever daydream I was talking about at that moment.  It was all just talk.  Part of me knew it but there I was, running my mouth about what was going to come but nothing ever happened.

This dragged on for years, I wasted my life for too long in college.  I would say that i regret the time I wasted but I don’t.  It was a learning experience. I learned what it felt like to be a mess.  I real mess.  I learned what it felt like to be down and out. I felt sorry, weak, fat, and I knew what it felt like to want to change it all.  I had the right intentions, I wanted to change.  I could see and feel this struggle within me, my youthful, strong, bright eyed and powerful self had been beaten.  My true self, the real Scott was being held captive by this whiskey drinking, smoke belching, taco bell eating monster and could not escape.  Every day that passed without action just my inner safe weaker, and no matter how much a TALKED about it… nothing changed.

I don’t remember the catalyzing moment.  Somewhere after I hit bottom and stopped drinking my head cleared and I looked at those around me with my eyes open and mouth shut.  I looked at my friends, my frat brothers, my family and even those I didn’t like but secretly admired and tried to see what I was missing.  One day I had this thought and plainly said to myself “just shut the F.*#K up and do it.”  I looked at myself in the mirror and was not happy with what i saw.  Even though I had taken great steps to clean up and heal myself I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  I was not content.  I knew that the only way i would get myself back was to just “shut the F up and do it.”

I said that to myself everyday.  It became my mantra.  Shut the F up and do it.  It didn’t stick at first and it wasn’t until I actually put it into practice that i realized how long I’d been talking instead of doing. It wasn’t just in the world of exercise either.  I have had a long history of doing poorly in school, cleaning my room, eating right, fixing bad habits and many other things that just require pure action and a complete absence of words.  It took some time but things started to shape up.  I finally did the things I’d said I would.  I began to live up to my word.  I always felt I was a man of my word but when all you do is talk you just can’t back it up.

I started riding my bike to school.  I put a pullup bar in my doorway, i bought a huge weight vest and just became a DOER.  My grades improved, my room was clean, i lost weight, and most importantly I kept my mouth shut.

I wish i could say that it was a permanent change but it wasn’t.  I had my ups and downs, big ones.  I will always have the ups and the downs, it’s just life and I’m human. I’ve had broken bones, suffered heartache, endured pain, seen incredible tragedy, lost friends and loved ones.  But I know that letting any of it get to me will only drag me down.  And it takes less time to get down than it ever take will ever take to get back up.  Pulling yourself together and getting back up takes time and patience.  It’s like growing crops.  You put in the time, till the soil, plant the seeds, water, fertilize, and protect it all as it grows.  If you neglect it, turn your head and let your attention slip at the wrong time….All can suddenly be lost.

If you reap your harvest yet you let it sit too long without proper steps to preserve it…it will spoil.  Forget to water and it all dries up.  Feed it the wrong stuff and you are left with small fruit.  You can sit there and talk about what you want to happen but nothing’s going to F’n grow.  Diligence, persistence and faith will yield the bounty.

Just shut the F up and do it.

I decided to write this because a client of mine keep talking about changing his diet.  When we first started working he did change it and lost a good amount of weight.  He got in a groove, felt some comfort and slipped a little.  Yeah I yelled at him a bit but all in all he and I know both know he’s going to do what he wants to do.  He kept talking about it though, “I’m going to change it…..Yeah I know I’ll get my ass in gear…I’ll change it soon…”  Elbows and A##ho&eS i said.  You just have to SHUT THE F UP AND DO IT.

Repeat it.

Live it.

Surround yourself with people who do the same.

Stop talking and get up! go on a walk! Pick up some weights. Write out some goals and talk AFTER the fact.  Tell me about what you’ve DONE.  Show me THE PROOF.  Show me video, show me your workout log, dietary journal, hop on the scale, SHOW ME! Put your money where your mouth is and show me the proof.  Roll with the punches and weather the storms, keep your eyes on the horizon and remember what YOU really want.

Then shut the fuck up and do it.



Valentines day?!

V day was single celebration day for me. I did go to the gym and tried to work out but it ended up being too late and I didn’t have time for the full workout that I had planned so I just did a warmup with the Indian clubs and bands, then did a few feats of strength to test myself in my goals.

The first thing I did was do a couple of overhead presses with the strongman log, I believe it was 60kg total.
Then I tried to test my jerks with the double 16s but was very tight through the spine and couldn’t hold the rack very well and burnt it quick. So… I did a couple of bottoms up presses with a 36kg bell, could do 2 with the right hand but none with the left. This is good because I have plenty of room for improvement.

Lastly I tested my pullups with extra weight. I managed to maintain some great strength here in these past few months despite completely neglecting my pulls while training for the kettlebell comp. I was able to do four decent pullups with a 48kg (106lbs) bell strapped to me. Yeah boy. Half way there!

I’ll post a couple videos later after I’m done training my clients, can’t post them on my iPad for some reason.

Pictures to come too! I found a great picture somebody took of me last weekend.

I’ll have a great update tomorrow, one of my best friends and favorite workout partners is coming up from Oceanside and we are going to work out together. He always comes up with great workouts and is a real animal, hard to keep up with him.

I hope everyone had a great valentines, I celebrated being single and the fact I didn’t have to spend money on flowers, cards, gifts or jewelry.

Have a great day!

The OKC (Orange Kettlebell Club) First annual California Open Kettlebell Championships

This is a bit of a backtrack, but compete in kettlebell sport.  Called Girevoy Sport in its homeland of Mother Russia, I pickup it up a few years ago from a friend I worked with.  So to backtrack even more…I bought my first kettlebell years ago at an MMA conference.  I had little to no knowledge how to use it other than what to guy selling them showed me.  So I carried that heavy little bastard home and started experimenting.  I practiced the swing, press and snatch with decent proficiency but little to no efficiency.  It started gathering dust after a while until i got a job as a personal trainer at a swanky gym in Santa Monica.  There I was surrounded with new fitness minded friends who loved to work out.  One of those friends encouraged me to get a certification, which I did, and then went on to get a REAL certification with IKFF, the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.  This was the real shit, they taught competition style!  It was all about efficiency, endurance, mental toughness and grace.  Though the shit is hard, you gotta make it look easy and keep your calm.  I loved it.  Soon after I joined a group with my friend and we got together once a week to work out and go over form.  I ate it up.  I practiced often and eventually signed up for a competition in Michigan.  Unfortunately things happened and I had to cancel the trip, leaving me off the competition platform for a few years. 

Fast forward to 2011, I entered my first official competition.  I toughed out injuries and worked very very hard for that comp and did well.  I set personal records (PR’s) and made some new friends.  Since then I have participated in a couple informal and fun comps put on my friends but this past Saturday was my first REAL DEAL comp.  Competitors came from all over the country and even a few from Canada.  It was an amazing experience.  I miss competition so much!  Everyone cheered for one another and encouraged eachother to go for it.  There were plenty of lifters who were on the platform for the first time and that was amazing to see.  There were also plenty of experienced lifters there as well, including Denis Vasilev, one of the best lifters in the world.  I was lucky enough to talk to him a bit  and get some very helpful tips.

Besides meeting Denis some of my highlights were meeting new friends, making “small world” connections, setting PR’s, seeing a newcomer complete an entire 10 min set with 1 arm, seeing my friend galya kick ass in the jerk, watching a new american record get set, and just getting to compete again. 

After the weekend I revamped my workout program and will be starting new, looking forward to the next comp in August.  This time I’m going to do what I should have done all along and start slow, master my form and get my reps up with lighter weights instead of jumping right up to the heaviest ones like the predicable meathead i am.