“I’ve known Scott since the Winter of 2012, a few months before my 2nd child’s first birthday. I was referred to him by my previous trainer, who was the first person to introduce me to functional training.
I’m a physician by training and though one would think this would mean that I have training in health and fitness, nothing could be further from reality!  The training and life of a physician lend themselves to departing from the principles of prevention, health and wellness.  Scott has taught me, through his example as a healer, of the foundational need for healers to care for and respect themselves.
Practically speaking, Scott has a breadth of knowledge as a trainer and athlete and masseuse and is dedicated to continually educating himself and improving his practice as a trainer.  Further, Scott has life experience that makes him wise beyond his years, and he brings this to the sensitivity he has with his clients.  Because of Scott, I did pull ups and flipped truck tires–neither of which are expected from a short Indian mother of two!  And the fact that Scott has knowledge of deep tissue work/neuromuscular therapy and inserts these as needed while training with him makes sessions with him doubly valuable.
Scott is a trainer and healer. His skill set, wisdom and sensitivity make him an outstanding gift to those who seek him out in search of strength, health and wellness.”
– Dr. Gauri Kolhartkar

Dr. Gauri Kolhartkar