Scott has been my strength and conditioning coach for a little over a year now. In that time there has been a noticeable difference in my physical and athletic abilities. As a professional Mixed Martial Artist, I heavily rely on my strength and endurance. Since working with Scott, I have never questioned my level of preparedness going into a fight.

Whipping me into shape is not the only thing Scott has done for me. Along with training extremely hard, he has kept me away from injuries by constantly monitoring my body. In my line of work it is easy to overtrain. Scott is very good at gauging and adjusting our workout img_1609accordingly.

Scott is not only a great Trainer, but a good friend. I never have to worry about him cancelling on me, because he is very reliable and dedicated to his clients. I would be quick to recommend Scott to any athlete, or anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

-Ricky Simón 24 Professional MMA fighter


Ricky Simón