Scott is the best there is. I had severe low back pain for 14 years and have seen at least 6 doctors, four physical therapists, and all the rest.  An MRI showed I had two bulged discs and a partial tear of a third.  For the last five years sitting and walking for more than twenty minutes at a time was painful.  Of course all of the doctors recommended surgery and I recently felt I had no other options.  I never thought I would get better.  Two years ago things got worse when my back seized up so bad I was almost completely unable to move for three days. I initially saw a colleague of Scott but soon after started working with him.
It has changed my life.  I am completely pain free and feel better than I have in 14 years.  It has been truly unbelievable. 
Scott has an understanding of the body that I have never encountered from the PT’s and a far broader approach to healing than the narrow views of doctors.  Surgery is not the only option.  Through his manual therapy where he loosened up my back and immediately reduced my pain and his extensive strengthening and corrective exercises he has fixed the real problem and cause of all my back pain.  He got me stronger, more flexible, and solution oriented towards this problem.  I am now surfing, running, and swimming.  I’m surfing better than I was before my injuries.  I’m really enjoying life again as well as standing taller.  I am totally pain free.  He helped four other of my friends, one of them a professional athlete, and they experienced similar results. If you are looking for someone who has worked with athletes and need to get back to an elite level, he can do that. If you are just in pain in some way and need to rehab, he can do that too.
He will share with you his knowledge so that you can take care of your body for the rest of your life. He’s not like a chiropractor who just wants more sessions out of you.  He will continue to work hard until he finds real answers.  You will feel safe and that feeling of being lost and confused after injury will disappear.  He’s guided me through other severe injuries as well, ankle sprain and knee and had the same extraordinary results.
My only regret is that I did not find Scott sooner.  I’m 37 and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  Wished I’d found this when I was 22 and the pain began.  I really do wonder why this approach to injury and rehab is not more popular.  I don’t know what they call it. Perhaps its the lack of branding and it is certainly Doctors unwillingness to look outside their narrow window of surgery or pain meds.  I will say this: this isn’t the easy way out.  You have to listen to him and you have to do the work.  But this is the best way and the only true way to cure back problems and other nagging injuries for life.  And the only worthwhile way to come back from injury and stay fit and healthy.
Thank you Scott.

Ryan S.