Scott is not only a fantastic trainer and coach, but someone you will love to spend time with. As a trainer, he knows all the details you will need, but he also has the unique ability to articulate how and why you are doing certain movements. In that regard, he is a great teacher of strength and movement of the body.  His coaching supports you in many more ways than just determining what workout to do next; He brings the full picture into play – Mentality, diet, recovery, wellness, mindfulness, posture correction, massage therapy, etc.

I came to him with a bum shoulder that was bothering me for a couple years. Through a thorough exam he determined it to be caused by built up scar tissue and lack of shoulder mobility. He helped lay out a fitness plan, gave diet pointers, gave supplement advice, and contributed to an overall wellness plan to get both me and my shoulder back into shape. With some hard work, he helped me get back to being practically pain free while putting back on the lost muscle from lack of training due to the injury.

That was a really big turning point in both my fitness and my life. It got me back on track physically and mentally and Scott has been a fitness inspiration in my life ever since.

If you are looking for a great coach and somebody to guide you through your next chapter in fitness, you couldn’t find anybody better than Scott.

– Sean S

Sean S.