It’s hard to add anything that hasn’t already been said here about Scott, so I will try to be concise.

Over the past 14 years of working in the Strength & Conditioning field, I’ve been honored to get to know hundreds of fellow strength coaches, and fortunate to work with dozens of them at different times.  Scott Plested stands out from the rest as a coach with a unique skill set, and as a wonderful human who pours himself into those he helps.

As far as his skills, Scott has learned at the hands of some of the world’s brightest clinicians and coaches, and has worked hard to add skills that are unique.  Wherever a person is along the continuum of health when they begin working with him, he has the skills to move them toward more optimal health and performance in ways that very few individuals in the world can.

While his skills separate him from the pack, it’s who he is as a person that puts him over the top.  Scott genuinely cares about the people he works with and commits himself fully helping impact every part of their lives in every way he can.  You can feel his love and compassion for others whenever you witness him working with someone.  He is truly the kind of wonderful person who can add to your life with his mere presence.

I could not possibly recommend him strongly enough and would trust him with my own family.

SSgt. Chris DuBois C.S.C.S SFG


SSgt. Chris DuBois