“I have known Scott for 5 years, both as his co-worker and as his client. I have seen him work with other clients but most importantly I base this recommendation on the work he has done to address the many physical imbalances and traumatic injuries I have accumulated from over 20 years of full-contact martial arts. Most trainers/therapists know only one particular therapeutic/exercise modality very well, and I’ve found that therefor it’s often necessary to go to numerous professionals in order to receive comprehensive and multi-faceted care/training/therapy. This is not only expensive and inconvenient but also leads to a disjointed approach to your overall health.

Scott is exceptionally well versed in so many methodologies/modalities that when working with him your care/training is extremely comprehensive and synergistic, in a way that is almost impossible to achieve by going to various different coaches/therapists that usually communicate only sporadically about your ever changing needs and physical state. I have worked with up to 3 separate coaches/therapists at a time for the last 20 years with very limited results. I have been working exclusively with Scott for one short year and not only do I feel no need to go to any other professionals for any type of care/training I also have achieved massive results both aesthetically but more importantly in my case an almost permanent state of pain/aching/tightness has been replaced by free, painless, increased mobility.”

– Tomas Koolhaas


Tomas Koolhaas